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React basics: rendering a list of JSX elements โ€” Jun 12, 2022
Framework laptop: first impressions โ€” Jun 1, 2022
A more ergonomic workspace, step by step โ€” May 26, 2022

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About me

Iโ€™m Eszter, a frontend developer based in Budapest. I believe that form follows function, fast is accessible, and simple is beautiful.

When Iโ€™m not coding, Iโ€™m probably drinking coffee, watering plants, or learning how to longboard. Iโ€™m vegan and you should try it too.

Say hi at ekov at

Things Iโ€™ve built with my own hands

  1. Iris
  2. Lily58

Things Iโ€™ve built on the web

  1. Comrade Kyiv is a friendโ€™s website selling soviet posters and travel.
    Tech: Shopify Storefront API, React, Gatsby, GraphQL
  2. Buy responsibly is a simple tool to help make more sustainable buying decisions.
    Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  3. Medict is a dictionary using the Merriam-Webster API, with medical term search.
    Tech: React, TypeScript, Ant Design
  4. eleventy-starter-typescript is an unopinionated, minimal 11ty starter with TypeScript templates.
    Tech: Eleventy, TypeScript
  5. shopify-nuxt is a proof-of-concept Shopify store built in Nuxt.
    Tech: Nuxt (Vue.js), GraphQL, TailwindCSS, Shopify Storefront API
  6. Flexbox cheat sheet ๐Ÿ“ฆ is just what you expect it to be.