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About me

I’m Eszter, a frontend developer based in Berlin. I believe that form follows function, fast is accessible, and simple is beautiful. I’m vegan and you should try it too. 🌱

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Things I’ve built with my own hands

  1. Iris
  2. Lily58

Things I’ve built on the web

  1. Reusable cup map is an interactive map of venues that use reusable cups, and what their money return policies are.
    Tech: React, Leaflet, Airtable
  2. Comrade Kyiv is a friend’s website selling soviet posters and travel.
    Tech: Shopify Storefront API, React, Gatsby, GraphQL
  3. Buy responsibly is a simple tool to help make more sustainable buying decisions.
    Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  4. Medict is a dictionary using the Merriam-Webster API, with medical term search.
    Tech: React, TypeScript, Ant Design
  5. eleventy-starter-typescript is an unopinionated, minimal 11ty starter with TypeScript templates.
    Tech: Eleventy, TypeScript
  6. shopify-nuxt is a proof-of-concept Shopify store built in Nuxt.
    Tech: Nuxt (Vue.js), GraphQL, TailwindCSS, Shopify Storefront API
  7. Flexbox cheat sheet πŸ“¦ is just what you expect it to be.