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Curious games

The closest I ever got to gaming was Abe’s Oddysee (I guess Robot Unicorn Attack doesn’t count.) — but I do enjoy the odd game now and then.

Here’s an absolutely subjective selection for killing (not too much) time.

Lunar lander *

What: a simple but challenging game where you have to land a rover on the moon.
How to play: online on
Why: because it’s so pretty and monochrome.

killersheep *

What: sheep invaders. It’s a vim plugin demonstrating new vim features (as in, popups in 8.2).
How to play: by upgrading vim and installing the vim plugin.
Why: because you can shoot at neon sheep flying across your vim screen and pooping at you.

ninvaders *

What: space invaders in your console.
How to play: brew install ninvaders or sudo apt-get install ninvaders.
Why: you shouldn’t have to exit the console to play space invaders.

Google console text adventure game *

What: a text adventure game. I didn’t find it too interesting, but it’s an honorable mention.
How to play: Google ‘Text adventure’ (really Google, don’t DuckDuckGo) and open the console. Why: there’s lots of creative stuff people do in the console. This is one of them.

Bonus: Chess *

What: Good old chess, human versus machine.
How to play: If you have a mac, you have chess.
Why: Being beaten by the computer feels a bit like being part of history.

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